Complaints and replacements

Are you dissatisfied with the product you bought on our website? Contact us with confidence and we will resolve your complaint as soon as possible.

Replacement and replacement

Within 14 days of purchase, you have the option to return the purchased items, and you also have the right to exchange or refund the item.

The item that you wish to return or replace must be undamaged. It must be returned in the original packaging with all accessories to Ajweb d.o.o., Zgornji Brnik 390, 4210 Brnik, Slovenia. Otherwise the complaint will be rejected or partially rejected.

Please inform us in writing within 14 days of receipt of the package that you are withdrawing from the contract (via email [email protected]) and fill out the following form:

In the event of a refund, please complete the following:

If you are replacing a product, please complete the following:

The shipping costs are on the sender’s side. We do not accept ransomware broadcasts.

If we do not receive the contract in writing within 14 days of receipt of the shipment, no return or replacement is possible.

The item will be exchanged or your money returned within 8 working days of receipt of the shipment.

If products are used, there are visible signs of use or damage to cosmetic products, we will return 50% of the value of the item.

Please continue to order on our website.

We hope that we can resolve your complaint to our mutual satisfaction.